Who am I?

Like a few boys, I am a very simple person. If you ask me to speak in one sentence, I will say, I read, learn, think, believe, dream.

Sudhangsu Sarkar
Sudhangsu Sarkar

What is my name?

Grandfather gave the name 'Sudhansu'. According to the rules of the dynasty, 'Sarkar' is automatically added and becomes 'Sudhansu Sarkar'. Of course, everyone calls me 'Sujan', in my native village I am known as Sujan. 'Sudhansu', this name is live on the certificate and has been known online platform. But mom and dad still call me babu. I am the only child of my parents, I have no siblings. Maybe this nickname for me remains today.

Where do I live?

I spent my childhood in North Dinajpur district of North Bengal (West Bengal, India). A small village between the towns of Raiganj and Kaliaganj with the dust of Kunore. Kunore is my childhood address wrapped in that memory. I live in Durgapur (Calcutta) for my current studies.

What is my qualification?

I passed SSC in 2016 from Tarangpur Nandakumar High School. Later I studied science here and passed HSC in 2018. Now I am studying Computer Science and Engineering at DIATM in Durgapur (Kolkata).

[I first came up with the idea of blogging when I was in my second year of college. When I first got my laptop, I started spending time blogging without delay.]

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