5 New Rules of IPL 2022 Will Make The IPL More Interesting

 IPL will be more attractive if these 5 New Rules are introduced.

The Indian Premier League is a tournament that is fraternal to cricket and highly anticipated by spectators. Even foreign players look forward to playing in the league and making a lasting impression. Every year it creates some interesting competitions and does not fail to keep the fans at the edge of their seats.

5 New Rules of IPL 2022, IPL 2022 New Rules
5 New Rules of IPL 2022, Image credit: Newspapers Store

Over the years, the IPL has been an important platform for providing opportunities to emerging cricketers. Many players take center stage by expressing their dignity and then move up the ladder of success. It goes without saying that the IPL is one of the most famous T20 leagues in the world.

Each version comes with its own twists and turns and some more new things can certainly gain the indomitableness of the tournament. There should be 10 teams in the 2022 edition of IPL. The addition of two new teams will further expand the players ’opportunities. Of these, if some interesting rules are introduced, then IPL can become more attractive.

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5 New Rules of IPL 2022

1. Penalty for slow over-rate

The slow over rate issue is a topic that has been under discussion for a really long time. The teams are expected to finish their innings at the scheduled time. But sometimes, it doesn’t go that way and the parties are fined for the same. The question is, does the imposition of fines solve the problem?

In such a situation, the idea of ​​adding a total of five penalty runs to the opposing team comes to the fore. In T20, even a single run can determine the fate of a match and thus the verdict can be enforced. In short format, a run saved is equal to one run. And if it is zero to add five penalty runs, the team will consciously try to follow the timeline.

The fine can’t hurt the team like these five runs. It will also change the fate of the game. The parties need to put on their thinking hats so that they do not give any advantage to the opponents and thus the slow problem can probably get a credible solution.

2. 8 runs for sixes above 100 meters

T20 games are often full of action-packed performances. A small size game is incomplete without some huge boundaries. With some T20 players like Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, AB de Villiers, and more, big shots are rarely seen. And it's always a matter of a few shots that could change the fate of the game in T20.
However, often the batsmen generate a lot of energy to hit a shot and send the ball out of sight. In such a situation, the idea of ​​giving the batsmen more than six runs for their incredible power-hitting ability comes to the fore. It takes a lot of energy to hit the ball above 100 meters and the batsman who does it must get some extra advantage.
So, giving eight runs in a six over 100 meters is a rule that can make the tournament more interesting. It can be wonderful to play because it will help chasing teams get extra runs. However, the team that is scoring the total will also benefit from the extra runs and will be in a position to score a strong total. This will be a huge positive for those teams that have some power heaters on their side.

3. Extra points for finishing the game within 10 overs

The T20 format is unpredictable, where the fate of the game changes at any time. Occasionally, teams display huge characters to completely outdo the opponent. They come up with an all-rounder performance and blow the horn of their dominance.
This extraordinary effort of the teams can be further recognized by gifting the team with some bonus points. If a team chases a total run in 10 overs and wins, they may be awarded some extra points. In a highly competitive league like the IPL, the race for a place in the top four is a realization of the possibility of qualifying for the playoffs. Often, until the last league game, it is not certain which four teams will fight each other in the playoffs.
This rule can add more thrill to the points table race by presenting more points to a great visiting team in a particular match. Sometimes when there are two to three teams with the same point, the net run rate is the factor that is considered. However, with the introduction of this rule, a team that is slightly below the order can benefit and disrupt the rankings, where the top team must ensure their eligibility with these valuable extra points.

4. Go for extra over-in-form bowlers

The short format of the game challenges players to express their nature in difficult moments. Batsmen often count the game and decide which bowlers they will target. The plan is usually to play hard and in-form bowlers and then post a strong total or chase the target with part-timers or fewer fans.
While in form, any batsman has the opportunity to play the entire innings and give the most motivation. However, even when his best, the bowlers get only four overs to bowl in the T20. In this case, a change in the bowlers' quota will help the team with their significant progress. Increasing the number of overs of in-form bowlers will also reduce the captain's excitement if one of his bowlers does not have a good day.
This will make the game more complicated as the batsmen have to face more balls from the deadly bowlers. This will further test their skills and present an interesting competition for cricket spectators. With more overs by the main bowler, the batsmen will have no choice but to grow against them and this will create more excitement around the game.

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5. Power Surge

In T20 cricket, it all determines the dynamics of which team is in the process. In the short format, teams enter the field with the mentality of taking the opponent's bowlers in the powerplay. The first six overs are so important that the batting team is able to build a strong base for the most part. On the other hand, if the bowling team shouts with some significant success, it helps them hold on to the game.
The power surge rule in the IPL could be an interesting one. It was introduced in the Big Bash League 2020-21 where the six-over powerplay is divided into four and two over. The first four overs will be the first powerplay at the start of the innings. The batting team is allowed to take the remaining two overs of the power play in the second half of the match, i.e. after the tenth over.
If one tries to dive deeper into the impact that one can have in this game, it turns out that these two overs can greatly benefit the batting team as they can use it to gain momentum. This will not only help the team with important runs in the middle overs but will also greatly affect the outcome of the game.